Susan Keithley Miller

| 10/31/2014

Is anyone else still hearing our song in their heads?  I laughed so hard I cried when I viewed the video of “The Crystals”.  I am so glad that we have this memory.  It is, I think, the one thing about that glorious weekend that every one of us whether up there or not will remember.  This few moments that we all shared as one.  I know that for me, I did not get to talk to everyone I would have wanted to to talk to over the weekend, but I would have not missed that weekend for anything.  I hope that we can all get together again.  I would hate to think that this is the last time we would all see each other in this lifetime.  If anyone is ever up in my neck of the woods in Washington State, please do not hesitate to let me know.  I will be in Sonoma, Ca for the winter this year, it would be great to keep in touch.

Best wishes to all and as Bill told me when we said good-bye at the banquet….”KEEP WELL”



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