Linda Schilbe Mulherin

| 10/13/2014

Yes, THANK YOU Bill, Dennis, Fred & Len – I could not agree with Kim MORE!!  You guys did a TOTALLY AWESOME job and put on just about THE BEST PARTY EVER!!  I love what Kim said, too, about our good fortune to have gone to such a great school where we forged those bonds that last a lifetime – really!  And you guys are some of the most awesome part – for bringing us all together once again to recall those special years . . . oh, those MEMORIES!!!  And now we have even MORE memories!  And thank you Dennis for the Crystals a-la-class-of-’64 idea.  I don’t know if EVERYONE enjoyed our little number, but we Crystals sure had fun with it!  And, yes, thank you VERY much Kathleen, because I’m not sure HOW that would’ve turned out without your thoughtful direction!  🙂  Again, just a huge THANKS to all and for all the hard work that went into a really, really fabulous reunion.  You can be sure it’s MUCH appreciated by MANY!!  I head home a little sadder – not knowing when we’ll be together again.  So . . . when IS the next one??  Love you all!  Linda

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