Linda Neumann Cardle

| 10/14/2014

What an amazing week end and SOOO fun to see everyone.

To say thank you Fred, Bill, Len, and Dennis just doesn’t seem to truely express the gratitude I feel for you and all the work you did. But THANK YOU from my heart and a big hug.

Thank you Kathleen for your putting together the awesome Crystals, how fun was that! Every time I think about it I will remember Linda saying “Right now left” an inside joke, chuckle.

I do agree with Kim that we do feel like a family forever and for me connecting with my McKinley friend from 8/9 years old Wow, still amazed.thinking of those memories..

We are a great family but pretty darn good looking too, don’t you think??!

Love to you all, be well, big hugs


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