Gordon Craig re. “Mumpleby”

| 10/27/2014

Hi Dennis and Kevin,

I recently had to reapply to Caring Bridge as I had forgotten my password and the site wouldn’t let me log-in.  So I followed the “forgot your password?” prompts and got a confirming email I was back on.  So, all I can suggest is to go to


and go through the prompts for log-in/membership.  Once you’re in, you can search “Umpleby”  or “Mumpleby” (love that!:) and his page will come up.  His cancer is a very rare and aggressive form of blood disorder and he is doing quite well in battling it for the past 3 years, nearly in remission. His last journal post earlier this month said he has to undergo more periodic chemo but each time his panel comes back better and more robust, quite remarkable in its own right, all the moreso given he is in his mid-80s and has amazing stamina, god willing.  Maggi and I visited with them a year ago last September (we were in Ashland for another friends wedding) and had Sunday breakfast with them and a walk in Lithia Park downtown. Marshall and Mimi just trekked us about for a couple of hours here and there, literally “over the hill” ahead of us, wait, wait for us, please”:)

Well, God Bless Them, back in the day Marshall was and is that teacher and friend who turned me around and pointed to the door that reads “Life of the Mind” and let me open it, and while I wouldn’t presume anything else, I did (and do) the best I can with the little grey cells that I do possess for all these decades.  I know he had that guiding love for all his students, and we are carrying on all for the better in our lives and who we touch and love.  These are wonderful gifts to keep going in this very cynical and dark world that I don’t think any of us thought would happen when we were “best of youth.”

best wishes to you both, gordon

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