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| 10/14/2014

Firstly ~~  An enormous Thank-you, including warm embraces (oh, what the heck…..and wet, mushy kisses too), to our infamous Reunion Planners:  Bill, Dennis, Fred and Len!  What a superb “performance” by all.  Such planning ~~ WOW! ~~ and fantastic results!  In all honesty, words just can’t express what a sincerely wonderful job the Famous Four accomplished once again.

Secondly ~~ To The Crystals Executive Producer & Director, Kathleen.  Without you, my friend, The Crystals would have “shattered”.  Thank-you so much for all of your thoughtful pre-planning for your silly, we just want to laugh, girlfriends.  You instated a path to follow with great direction.  I also must mention your darling husband with his over-the-top singing and dancing performance ~~ just how terrific he was!!  A true talent.

AND NOW….. ~~ To Our Rock Star, Arleen ~~ What a wonderful warm-hearted story you shared.  It’s almost as if it should be a commercial for reaching out and touching someone!  You have such a young, vivacious personality that encourages such happiness among all of us.  You looked gorgeous and your performance was beyond belief.  (Me Jealous?  Yup….!)

NOT TO FORGET…… ~~  My fellow Crystals.  Just what a hoot was that!!!!  I really don’t know what the Hell we looked like but I know that I was having a 60’s Blast trying to follow our routine while really paying full attention to the audience, our fellow classmates.  I just couldn’t stop laughing at the sea of surprised faces clapping and laughing along with us.  Was that the best of the best or what!!  A time that I will never, ever forget.  Just how glad am I that I didn’t Da-Doo-Run-Run from the Da-Doo-Ron-Ron’s thinking it was going to be a bust.  Thank-you, Linda, for pulling me away from dancing with Dennis to practice Friday night and encouraging me to participate.

Such a couple of wonderful nights shared with wonderful, long-time friends.  I wish you all the best in the years to come.  May life continue to be good to you and delight you in ways that you can’t even imagine.

Personally, I’d love to see us not wait another 5 years.  Just maybe the Famous Four could plan something sooner?  As Roch and I were leaving, I mentioned to Bill to make Reunion planning easier just do a Friday night extravaganza at the Rec Center maybe?  I thought that Friday night venue was just perfect for future planning events.  Simple, casual & Fun!

I’ll throw this one into the mix ~~ A summer Reunion BBQ for The Crystals and Reunion Planners at Roch & Bon’s perhaps?

Lastly, if any of you are on the way to South Shore via Hwy. 50, please call and plan a Pit Stop at my house!


With Very Best Wishes for All,


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  1. Susan Keithley Miller says:

    Is anyone else still hearing our song in their heads? I laughed so hard I cried when I viewed the video of “The Crystals”. I am so glad that we have this memory. It is, I think, the one thing about that glorious weekend that every one of us whether up there or not will remember. This few moments that we all shared as one. I know that for me, I did not get to talk to everyone I would have wanted to to talk to over the weekend, but I would have not missed that weekend for anything. I hope that we can all get together again. I would hate to think that this is the last time we would all see each other in this lifetime. If anyone is ever up in my neck of the woods in Washington State, please do not hesitate to let me know. I will be in Sonoma, Ca for the winter this year, it would be great to keep in touch.
    Best wishes to all and as Bill told me when we said good-bye at the banquet….”KEEP WELL”