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| 11/25/2014

Hi Dennis and Bill –

I hope I have written by now to say thank you for a wonderful reunion, but if I forgot, I’ll say it now!    Such a fabulous weekend we all had – thanks so much for all you did to make it so great for all of us!

I just last night received this message from Vicky Basso Campagna, and I’m sure you’d want to know what has happened to her since we saw her a month ago – I was shocked, and I’m sure you will be too.   Scroll down and read her message below.

Hope you are all doing well, and please stay healthy!

Best regards,

Barbara Kushner Rohde

Subject: big news from my little corner of the world……………….feel free to forward
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2014 17:20:54 -0800

Many� but not all of you, know that on 10/29, I suffered a major cardiac event while taking my usual 2 � mile walk. (Pause for irony.)� I asked for an ambulance after I collapsed at Michael’s and asked to be taken to Kaiser.� Kaiser, however, directed the ambulance to take me directly to Stanford, where I had major cardiac surgery for an aortic disssection, which basically means my aorta shredded in half.� So I got to have open heart surgery, complete with chest-length scar. The good news is that I should be fine—-eventually. Meanwhile, I am on “house arrest,” meaning that I cannot leave my apartment until I’m cleared by the doctor some time after the end of the month.� Right now, I’m just happy to be home instead of in the hospital (I was discharged Tuesday.)


Thank goodness too for Netflix.� I’m working my way through several series and some movies too.� I recommend Robert Redford in All Is Lost if you haven’t seen it yet.


Happy Thanksgiving!



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