Arlene Baisa

| 10/13/2014

First and foremost, I would like to thank all of you for the fabulous night we all had.  Not only was it spectacular but memories we’ll cherish for years to come.  I woke up the next morning feeling sad it was all over and anticipating the next one in five years.  This has been said before many times on Saturday night, our class was a very close bond between all of us.  I think this is why, when one of our classmate’s passes on it hits us all so very deeply we’re all family.

The Crystal’s was just a token of our appreciation for everything you did and all the heartaches you’ve must have gone through.  We had a great time doing it and believe me I am so happy we didn’t land in the poky.  I knew we could count on you Dennis for paying them off, good job!

I have a short story to tell all of you:

Because of class reunion you’ve made two elderly people so very happy.  As all of you know, I take care of my 94 year old mother-in-law who is not real happy or mobile.  Always wondering or hoping she can find or communicate with some of her old friends.  At the age of 94 it is a little hard to find their old friends when most have passed on.

Forty years ago one of her friends that she used to go golfing, traveling and hung out and lost contact with her.  After Friday night’s event, I was telling her about some of our classmates and who was at our table, etc.  When I told her the name Vicky Basso she asked me to find out if her mother was Bernice Basso and if she is still alive.  Well, it was and Bernice is still alive at the ripe, old age of 99.  We exchanged the phone number so they can call one another, on Sunday the day after the reunion the two spent the afternoon together and now they are going to meet once a month.  You see guys not only did you make us happy you also made two little old lady’s have something to look forward to.

It brings tears to my eyes to know that Ellie (my mother-in-law) can now call her each and everyday, just not sit there and watch TV.    She had such a smile on her face yesterday in fact she didn’t get home until 7:30PM last night.


Thank you Fred for the wonderful compliment, much appreciated and your too kind.


Hugs and kisses to all.


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